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No matter what steps I follow, and settings I render my footage with, when I create a VR180 video and upload it to YouTube and view it with my Oculus Go in YouTube VR, close objects (1 foot or so from the camera) are converged correctly, but anything further Vuze XR Camera App allows to remotely control the camera through a wifi connection. Main features include: - Capture videos and photos in 3D 180 or 2D 360 - Choose resolutions: Photo 18MP, Video 4K/30fps or 5.7K/30fps - Video stabilization - Watch your media or live preview with VR glasses - Create little planet affects - Share on social media - Google VR180 compatible format The app’s What sets the Vuze XR apart from other 360 cameras, though, is that it can shoot still images and video in both 360-degree format or stereoscopic VR180 – owing to a clever design feature. In fact, only one other consumer 360 camera can currently offer that, the Kandao Qoocam. A brand new update for the Vuze XR, the hybrid camera which allows users to create stunning high resolution images and video in both immersive 3D 180° and amazing 360° - now offers even greater compatibility by allowing users to seamlessly stream and download their captured experiences directly to the Oculus Go and other leading wireless VR headsets using DLNA technology, an industry defined [ January 10, 2019 ] EXCLUSIVE: Review VUZE XR VR 180/360 4K / 5.7K Camera Camcorders [ December 21, 2018 ] FV^VR and Australian Videocamera’s Best of 2018 (Software) Editorial [ December 13, 2018 ] Mocha. It works in AE, Vegas, Resolve etc. Vuze XR: Image Quality. In the world of 360-degree cameras, the only competition for Vuze XR is Insta360 Evo. Both of these cameras have the capability to convert from 360-degree to stereoscopic, and both are able to shoot 18MP still images as well as 5.7K videos.

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The Vuze VR Studio desktop app for Mac and Windows allows basic stitching and editing for both 180° and 360° 5.7K video The Vuze XR sports a unique and versatile new design, giving consumers, content  The Vuze XR was designed to support both with stunning precision, plus it delivers 18MP still Vuze XR Dual 360° & VR180 5.7K Camera with a powerful mobile app that instantly transforms any moment into an extraordinary experience. Vuze.Camera.

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“The Vuze XR Camera is a must-have for anyone with a story or special moment to share, from consumers to prosumers. With powerful 360° and VR180 5.7K camera technology built in, along with instant sharing and a live streaming mode, anyone can enjoy the freedom of shooting their story, the way they want,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of So this year, I borrowed one of the new Vuze XR cameras from Humaneyes (which I wrote about in the run up to CES) and took some 360 degree and VR 180 videos. The Vuze XR is an interesting camera 2021-3-3 · Google today unveiled at CES a pair of point-and-shoot stereoscopic 180 cameras from Lenovo and Chinese camera manufacturer YI Technology. The cameras, respectively called the Lenovo Mirage and The Vuze VR camera was advertised as the first 3D-360 degree VR camera that could capture VR video and audio while still being affordable. New features introduced with the update include: Beta r/VUZEXR: Subreddit dedicated to the Vuze XR camera. 2D 360 & VR180 content created with it and to support each other. Vuze XR vs Qoocam.

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Does that mean you can create 5.7k 60fps video using desktop stitching? Viewing VR180 output from Vuze XR Hi all, I'm not sure what the best place to ask this, but this looked like as good of a place as any. I recently purchased the Vuze XR, which is a combination 3D VR180 and 2D 360 camera. I am looking at the Insta360 Evo and the Vuze XR for taking vr180 video. I see the Evo comes out slightly ahead in video quality with HDR and better stabilization but the Vuze is sturdier and easier to use one handed. I'm primarily looking to just record family adventures for VR viewing.

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But need to replace it. Reading over the FAQ ( ) it seems you record 2880x2880 at 60fps for each eye. Does that mean you can create 5.7k 60fps video using desktop stitching? 2018-12-04 .

Vuze XR Camera App allows to remotely control the camera through a wifi connection. Main features include: * Capture videos and photos in 3D 180 or 2D 360 * Choose Screenshot: ⁨Buy Vuze XR Camera⁩. Vuze XR Camera⁩. Free.

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